Vehicle Inspection System
Terms and Conditions
  • The user must not access any/all licensing systems for personal reasons, including searching the records of friends and family members.
  • The user must not search or transact against their own record, the record of a family member or friend, or that of someone they currently, or have previously, shared an address with. This includes payments of any kind, searches, and/or any other transaction type. Contact Business and Systems Support for further information.
  • The user may not use the Vehicle Inspection System to 'browse' clients/records.
  • A user may not procure/attempt to obtain unauthorised access or confidential information not relevant to their authorised transaction.
  • A user may not solicit, induce, or allow another person to make unauthorised access or disclosure of information available on any/all licensing systems.
  • A user may not offer access to any/all licensing systems for unauthorised purposes or to make unauthorised disclosure.
  • A user may not promote oneself as capable of supplying confidential information through the unauthorised access or disclosure of the information available on any/all Department of Transport licensing systems.
  • A user must ensure that any/all Department of Transport licensing systems access login and password is unique to them, and that they will not disclose their password to any other person, even if that person is authorised to have access to that licensing system.
  • A user may not buy, sell or otherwise deal in confidential information.
  • A user may not be in possession of confidential information without benefit of an authorised excuse. The user must agree that if another person obtains information from any/all Department of Transport licensing systems due to their lack of diligence in protecting their access they may be liable.
  • A user will not transact or enter any/all Department of Transport licensing systems under another person's login and password

Any breach of any one of these undertakings could result in civil and/or criminal action under the Public Sector Management Act (1994) WA, the Criminal Code of Western Australia or other applicable legislation.