WA Drivers Licence Details
  1. Driver's Licence Number:
  2. Date of Birth:
  3. Licence Expiry Date:

Please ensure you read & understand the following Terms and Conditions before proceeding, and tick the boxes below:

Your vehicle is unlicensed and this permit is valid for transporting the unlicensed vehicle to and from a place of repair and/or inspection for the sole purpose of licensing the vehicle or the vehicle is being raffled for a charitable organisation.
You know the make, body type, plate number or Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) of the vehicle - or if the vehicle is being towed, the towing vehicle plate number. The towing vehicle must be currently licensed or have a valid Temporary Movement Permit.
You have all the travel destinations for this permit such as streets and suburbs.
You understand that you are purchasing a permit that is valid for 48 hours only starting from a date and time you specify.
You have a valid credit card for payment of the permit.
WA temporary movement permits are valid to travel into and through SA and the NT up to the expiry of the permit. If the permit expires once you have crossed the border you will be required to obtain a permit from that jurisdiction.